for string quartet

Premiered by Rosie Weiss, Muireann Lemus, Sara Arévalo, and Kyle Stachnik on April 6th, 2019 at Gusman Hall, Coral Gables, Florida.



Liguria is the largest and most varied piece I’ve written thus far in my composition career. The work was written over the course almost a year, and thus there are a wide range of inspirations and ideas (both musical and extramusical) that have found their way into the music. Each individual movement attempts to internalize these influences to create abstractions of places, people, emotions, etc. that have been significant to my life during the time when the piece was written. Musically, it (hopefully) achieves this by presenting four movements with incredibly distinct characters and musical styles. If one listens closely, however; they will find that each movement is concerned with the exact same melodic material, and drama in the work ultimately comes from the sharp contrasts between these varying presentations of this primary melody. 

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